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Welcome To SectorEdge

The Sector Skills Specialists
International TVET Consultants

SectorEdge uplifts workforces into the realm of skills competency, developing an innovative generation of sector skill professionals, through working with Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) organisations and Further Education (FE) colleges within the UK and worldwide.

Our main goal is to export, and share, UK TVET experience and best practices globally.

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To achieve our goal...

We connect governments, industry, international development aid agencies, NGOs, education providers and communities to build effective Vocational Education and Training systems and skilled workforces.

We help identify the needs of emerging economies and tailor unique and cutting-edge solutions, consulting with the highest authorities to ensure their TVET systems function, and the desired outcomes are achieved.

We advise, support and build the capacity of local decision makers, to develop and review skills policies, to enhance sustainability. In accordance with this, we provide strategic workforce forecast and analysis to underpin the development of UKTVET systems and policy.

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Our main goal is to export, and share, UK TVET experience and best practices globally!

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Driving growth through skills

We provide strategic consultancy for education, training and skills development in specific economic sectors within the UK and internationally.

Education and Training

We help to develop, support, and assist effective vocational education and training (TVET) programme structure worldwide.

Developing Solutions and Services

We implement reforms to the vocational education system, to improve support for emerging economies, by improving the quality of its human resources to help meet aspirations and development strategies worldwide.

Benefits Of The UK TVET System

Demand-driven and industry-led skills teaching and competence – matches the skills demanded by industry and the skills supplied by the training sector.

Focus on skills application rather than on theory– gives employers confidence that graduates are job ready.

Skills competency based training that meets UK occupational standards and associated qualifications -Nationally and internationally recognised– affords individuals portability of skills.